Data Protection Policy

Wijngaards Institute for Catholic Research

We will only keep the following information on supporters and friends.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email Address
  • Gift Aid Declaration
  • Standing Order Form
  • Donations Received

Where will the information come from?

The information that we hold comes from adverts that we have placed in newspapers and magazines and from our various websites. People must voluntary request to receive a newsletter either printed or via email. They also supply the basic information when they make a donation via our online donation forms or a paper copy from the inserts in the newspaper,  magazine or newsletter.

Purpose of holding information

The data will be used to communicate with supporters for the following purposes

  • Newsletter and other communications about the work of the Wijngaards Institute
  • To send letters or emails of thanks for donations received

Who do we share the information with?

The data will not be shared be with any other organisations except HM Revenue & Customs in the claiming of Gift Aid.

How is the data stored?

Any data that we hold will be stored on a single computer and will be password protected. A copy of the data (also password protected) will be stored in a secure off site location. We will keep the original form and Gift Aid form and a copy of standing order forms in files kept in a secure cabinet.  The data will be available to the Director, the Administrator and one other volunteer responsible for keeping our data records.

User Access

People can make access requests to any information that we hold by the following ways

A request by letter or by emails. This will then be supplied to them by letter, email or phone.

How will people request the removal of any data that we hold on them.

People have the right to request the removal of any data that we hold by phoning, sending letters or emails requesting the removal of any data. This will be the responsibility of the Director to see that this information is removed from the computer and any files that we keep destroyed.

How do we manage personal data?

It is our aim to keep all personal data private and confidential. Any breach of this will have to be reported to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Training of volunteers

It will be the responsibility of the Director to see that all volunteers understand the importance of confidentiality and receive the necessary training in the handling of any data that we hold.