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Journey to the Centre of Love


The film Journey to the Centre of Love  describes the search for God. Following the story of a couple, Wan Chen and Martin, we discover the reality of that unspeakable Mystery in our life, that invisible but ever present Dimension we call ‘God’.

cupJourney to the Centre of Love (scriptwriter & executive producer John Wijngaards) was co-produced by CTVC (Merry Hill Studios, London) and Kuangchi Centre (Taipei, Taiwan). It was used as a video course and shown on television world wide in a number of languages. The film was awarded the GRAND PRIX by the Tenth International Catholic Film Festival held in Warsaw, Poland  (18-23 May 1995). It also received the prestigious Chris Award at the International Film Festival, held in 1997 in Columbus Ohio, USA.


Does the fact of evolution rule out creation? How do we know ‘God’ exists?  Does prayer make sense?   [Click adverts out of the way.]


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