Is God Real?

Womb of all beginnings,
I long for you.
Light of lights,
I search for you.
Cosmic mind,
I call on you.
Ground of our being,
I worship you.

You are my Father!
You are my Mother!
You are my God
my All
my Happiness!

Tao of Heaven and Earth,
I hold to you.
Om Saccidananda,
I turn to you.
Elohim Adonai,
I bow to you.
Allah Ir-Rahman ir-Rahim,
I surrender myself to you.

God is Real

You sent our Lord Jesus Christ,
I’m touched by you.
You spoke the Word,
I believe in you.
You reconciled the world,
I’m healed by you.
You are pure Love and Mercy,
I entrust myself you.

Flame of all that loves,
I burn with you.
Uniting soul of all,
I’m breathing you.
Sea of peace,
I drink from you.
You are our common fulness,
I’ll be fulfilled in you.

music and lyrics © John Wijngaards & Jackie Clackson


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